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Cover photo
5 July 2021

Seeing one of the images we shot for our client Defenture a long time ago appear on the cover of a magazine is always great. Leo shot this image at a product video- and photo-shoot of the Def...

22 May 2021

I spent a few days in Twente, a part of the Netherlands, close to the German border with Marion. The weather was not so good but we managed to do a few walks, occasionally having some rai...

Working on site
18 May 2021

An assignment for my own company and website brought me to an old nuclear storage site in the middle of the country. Many former army conscripts might know it from having to guard it (sit...

31 March 2021

This time we did a sporty theme in the harbour of Harlingen, Friesland. Later we moved a bit to the east along the coastal dike that protects the province from the Waddenzee. All natural ...

Ineke sporty video
31 March 2021

So Ineke and I shot some video footage to make a short video. As is quite normal with video (and also with photography) you always shoot way more than you need and use. You need that ...

Winter Wondeland
14 February 2021

We only had a very brief spell of very cold weather here in the Netherlands. Only a couple of days where people could go iceskating on natural ice. Yes people because I don't iceskate. I ...

Defenture LAUF 20
22 January 2021

Long-time client Defenture was testing their factory-fresh version of their GRF 5.12 platform for the Swiss military. Like I said before, this is the ultimate all-terrain military vehicle...

First Aircraft Arrival F-35
14 October 2019

The military loves big events. When they can they will pull out all the stops to show off. And they want everybody to know about it so they invite the press. Not just the specialized defe...

7 October 2019

We did a short city-trip to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Famous for a couple of things. First the Little Mermaid statue from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tails. And she is rea...

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