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About me (the story of my photography life)

Great experiences

What would the world be without images. There would only be memories. Only word of mouth

I am a self-taught photographer. I started when I was very young, the age of the small 110 film camera’s. That changed when I bought my first real 35mm SLR (single Lens Reflex), a Praktica MTL3 from East-Germany. Like all serious photographers from that time I shot exclusively on colour slide-film. I was fifteen and from that time I shot everything, experimenting al the way. Long exposure, night, movement. Writing it all down because it would take a week before the slides were back from the developer. Checking the notes with the slides to see what went good and what went wrong.

Fifteen years later I started writing for various magazines, using the images I shot on Minolta camera’s to illustrate the articles. Always military related magazines and subjects. That is how I came to freelance besides my day-job for several defense magazines. So photography always went hand in hand with writing and research. Several years later, when freelancing for Armex, I met Leo who was doing the same thing.

In 2003 we started Dutch Defence Press, still besides our normal day-jobs. In 2004 we went live with the first version of the website www.dutchdefencepress.com. We switches to digital Nikon camera’s, starting then with the revolutionary D1. Next to making articles and photographs for magazines, we make them for our own website. We even ventures into commercial work for a few selected clients, hiring cameramen to shot video for these projects.

In those years we both traveled to some nice places to photograph mostly Dutch soldiers doing their thing. That is when I learned to shoot under difficult circumstances and working fast. No repeats on exercised or deployments. Leo and I have had some great experiences.

In 2008 I wanted to expand my photography skills and when I found David Hobby’s Strobist website, I soaked up all his wisdom on using small flashes off camera. I bought some new equipment and set to find models to practice on. Since then I have done quite a few model-shoots. I still find that very satisfying and challenging.

Recently I lost my day-job and Leo left the company so Dutch Defence Press is now a one-man operation. Always eager to learn new things I started looking into making and editing video’s. It is a steep learning curve and an investment in time and money but so worth it.

So that is where I am now.

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