An assignment for my own company and website brought me to an old nuclear storage site in the middle of the country. Many former army conscripts might know it from having to guard it (site-watch) until roughly 1994 when it was decommissioned. It is now in the middle of the artillery live-fire range but luckily on the firing-positions side.

Now it is the ideal place to train soldiers in guard-duties as all facilities, guardhouse, watchtowers and others are still there, albeit a bit run down from years of neglect. This time the unit using it was training for their deployment to Iraq where they will guard a civilian airport. Made up of professional soldiers and reserve soldiers, this unit is a first for the Dutch army.

I was given the full treatment when I entered the camp for the first time. Full body-search and the car inspected from every angle. Sometimes it is nice to play along with the unit that offers you hospitality. I was lucky to have my military escort record the event. Below are his images with his permission.

My full report is on the Dutch Defence Press website here: