We did a short city-trip to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Famous for a couple of things. First the Little Mermaid statue from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tails. And she is really small. Second is Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest attraction parks in the world and right near the center of town. Unfortunately Tivoli gardens was closed when we were there. They were redecorating for Halloween. Bear that in mind when you plan your visit to Copenhagen. It is not always open.

For some strange reason I only took my telephone. Don’t ask me why but that will never happen again. There are so many interesting places to see and visit in Copenhagen. It is very bicycle friendly so the best way to see the sites is just to rent a bicycle and peddle around for a couple of days. Shout out to Tropical Bikes here who also do a very nice three hours guided bike tour.

Other sites to see in Copenhagen are the City Hall and square, the Royal Library, the palaces of Christiansborg and Rosenborg, Nyhavn, Kastellet, the parks in the city, and the cemetary Assistens, where the grave of Hans Christian Andersen is. And Vestre Kirkegard. These are places of tranquility.

But don’t forget to cross over to Christanshavn on the other side of the water. See the old defenseworks, go to the old harbour and the spectacular new Operahouse and freestate Christiania. That way you are also close to Moma, several years the number one restaurant in the world. Do book several years ahead.

Copenhagen is full of surprises so just roam around and let yourself be amazed at the beauty of this city.