This summer we did a small tour to different places. Two years ago, when they were visiting us, our dear Australian friends Barry and Janice asked us to join them for a week in France this summer. I will explain why later but the mouth of the river Somme would be the target destination. We planned it so that would be our last week abroad.

Luxemburg and Trier

We, my wife, daughter and myself, started off in Luxenburg, staying at two campsites. There are so many nice places to visit in the small country of Luxenburg. We visited the German town of Trier in the Eiffel mountains just over the border. We found a very nice Gasthof right in the border river between the two countries in Bollendorf. It said it had dozens of variations of schnitzel and boy, did they. Watch out when ordering the cauliflower, they will serve you a whole one cooked.

World War 1

Finally we headed off to the coast of northern France, the scene of heavy fighting during World War 1. And that was exactly the reason Barry asked us to join them there. His great uncle from his mothers side, Private Sidney Richardson, died there on the 12 August 1918. He planned to visit the grave on the 100th anniversary of Sidney’s death. And so we did. one hundred years after his unfortunate death from injuries in the small town of Daour, six of us stood at the grave and Barry read out a memorial. I wrote a story on Sidney’s death that you can read here. We also visited the WW1 Australian War Memorial at on the D23 between Fouilloy and Villers Bretonneux, which had just opened a very nice interactive exhibition called the Sir John Monash Centre.


Apart from this very special day we enjoyed the French coutryside and saw the sights and really enjoyed ourselves. The tides at the mouth of the Somme are amazingT the currents when the tide comes in and goes out are astounding. No swimming allowed there. You will end up in the UK if you do. And it is always nice to meet up with old friends and family as even more turned up during the week.