Our first big commercial job. Defenture took our offer to make a introduction video and photo’s of their brand-new All Terrain tactical Vehicle they built for the Dutch special forces. We only had the prototype to work with. So we went and arranged friends (most with military experience) to act as crew. We also arranged gear to be stuffed in the vehicle and replica weapons to make it all look realistic. Let me tell you, that is not easy with the strict gun laws we have here in the Netherlands. But this is the video we produced. Filmed by Andrew, drone flown by Erik and stills shot bij Leo. What did I do? I produced the whole thing.


Below are some of the stills images we shot for the promotion.

Diesel Quad

We also managed to shoot the prototype diesel quad Defenture had on hand at the test-track.


Some behind the scenes images of the filming.

More information on Defenture and their products, visit their website.