Don’t you just love models who bring their own props. I do! But when they bring a classic American car I am completely blown away. Elvira brought her Dad to the shoot. He happens to won a ’58 Plymouth Fury. And not just any Fury. This one is a very good look-alike of the car used in the 1983 horror movie ‘Christine’, where the car kills a few people.

We did not go the horror route in this shoot but the setting was the fifties and sixties. Elvira brought a couple of nice dresses from that period. Even though it is November the weather-gods were with us.


Lighting was done with Nikon Speedlights, triggered by Pocketwizzard II. Mostly without modifier to counter the bright sun, others with a large 90cm umbrella softbox. In the picture below the Speedlight is mounted on a voice-activated lightstand.